Private Universities Complete List in India

Private universities are not operated by governments, although many receive tax breaks, public student loans, and grants. Depending on their location, private universities may be subject to government regulation. This is in contrast to public universities and national universities. Most private universities are non-profit organizations.

In India, privately funded institutions have existed since the country’s independence. Many of these universities offer multidisciplinary professional courses similar to state-funded universities; however, institutions offering single stream specialization programs are also in existence.

Private Universities Complete List

A private University shall provide all the relevant information relating to the first degree and post-graduate degree/diploma programme(s) including the curriculum structure, contents, teaching and learning process, examination and evaluation system and the eligibility criteria for admission of students, to the UGC on a proforma prescribed by the UGC prior to starting of these programmes.

It is also informed that Private Universities cannot affiliate an institution/college. They cannot establish off-campus centre(s) beyond the territorial jurisdiction of the concerned State. However, they can establish an off-campus centre(s) within the concerned State after their existence of five years and with the prior approval of the University Grants Commission. So far, UGC has not approved any off-campus centre(s) of any Private University.

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